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AMASICO ... a reliable partner to your business and investment successWe have the resources, the structure and a great team, to help you get the job done.

You can decide to leave without giving us the benefit of a doubt,
Yeah it is your right. Just before you do so,
We are very glad you came and we would love to tell you our story.

 Amasico freelance started because someone had a great idea, to convert his hobby into a profession.
Somewhere along the line he brought in top players and keyed them into his vision. 
Now, what is this hobby?
What was he very talented in doing which everyone trusted him for?
And what is this passion that gives him great joy?

If you ask me, I would say the same thing those who knew him always says; MANUFACTURING Awesome BUSINESS Ideas!
That is our trademark and this is why you came here.
We had bet on our reputation not to disappoint you if you give us a chance.

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  • Address:M_flat 1, Ekete's complex, court avenue Nkwo Nike, Enugu state. Nigeria

  • Phone:234 (0706) 609 1812

  • Email:amasicofreelance [at] gmail.com

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